The productivity benefits of segmenting your day.


Many freelancers fail to segment their workdays and, as a result, suffer a significant loss in productivity.


I do it myself sometimes.


As an example, right now I am working on one large project, a mid-sized project and a number of smaller projects.


A couple of weeks ago I was getting myself into a real pickle over trying to balance the demands of all the projects at once, The big project was not only taking up too much of my day, it was also draining me of energy, making it hard to work on anything else.


Finally, I sat back, identified the problem and started to follow the same advice I give to other freelancers.


I started to segment my day.

Between 9:00am and 11:30am I now write at least 1,500 words for my large project.


From 1:00pm to 3:00pm I write at least two pages for the mid-sized project, a new website.


From 3:30pm to 5:00pm I work on the smaller projects.

Now I am moving ahead faster on every front. Nothing is left behind and each project is moving ahead nicely at a constant rate.


Just as important, I feel calmer and more at ease.


During the time when everything was overlapping, I was becoming increasingly anxious and concerned. My anxiety began to impact the quality of my work. It even impacted my ability to sleep through the night.


I should never have made this mistake in the first place, because I was taught how to handle it by a teacher way back when I was studying for exams in high school.


But sometimes I forget.


If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, simply segment your day. Set minimum requirements for progress, and stick to them.


Above all, set time limits on each segment of the day. And stick to those too.



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