Praise for my coaching services from former clients.

When I describe the benefits of my coaching services, I am only too aware that I'm asking you to take a lot on faith.


Essentially I am asking you to believe that I can help you. But I can offer no objective proof that my clients actually benefit.


That's why at the end of each engagement, I ask my clients if they would feel comfortable writing a short testimonial.


"Thank you for the coaching. I have spent thousands of dollars on programs over the past 5 years - many of them very, very good. However, they didn't give me the confirmation and direction that I received during the coaching you gave me! I really appreciate it. Even after the introductory call, I knew in my gut that this was finally the help I needed."


Melissa AuClair


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"I’m exceptionally glad I made the leap and decided to hire Nick as my business coach. It was what I needed to do to get really serious about my business.


Not only did Nick help me to focus my niche and to work really smart to get my home page just right, but he did it with a great knack for keeping things pleasant, upbeat and easygoing.


I know I’ve made a big change in my outlook on my work—people have commented on it; I’ve gotten more clients. And I have Nick to thank for that."


Jan Schochet


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"Nick provides an expert-level understanding of what it takes to succeed financially in the freelance world. Even if you’re confident of your writing ability, you’re likely to gain key insights into best applying those skills by working with Nick. He very quickly helps you assess what areas to pursue, given your background and interests, and steers you away from paths that lead only to long hours and low wages.


I knew Nick by reputation before I worked with him and knew he was one of the leaders of the field. I was delighted to learn from my sessions talking to him that he’s equally good at listening, encouraging and guiding a fellow writer. His enthusiasm for my new career path—along with some great ideas for getting the business on the web in a matter of days--was gratifying and energizing. I’d recommend him to anyone trying to figure out what’s next."


Michael Blumfield


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"Nick Usborne could rename his coaching service because that's how much his support and ideas energized and enlightened me to move into a new, fulfilling phase of my 15-year freelancing career.


Coaching with Nick brought clarity to a varied list of niche interests, enabling me to see career possibilities I never even recognized in front of me. Nick's coaching provided a focused purpose, a set of action plans, and a desperately-needed sense of accountability for moving forward."


Nan Hughes

Cary, Illinois


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"Without Nick’s expert coaching, I’d still be frantically attempting to write copy for anyone - in any format. Without Nick pushing me to maintain my focus, I’d lose it after a week and look for the next thing to focus on. Without Nick’s belief in me, I’d probably have taken one of the permanent marketing jobs offered to me. I’m now building my dream niche business, with the right mentality and approach – thanks to Nick. Thanks again Nick!"

Dan Elman


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“I just wanted to thank you again for being my coach and helping me rebuild my career.


As you know, when we started, I was doing "okay" as a copywriter, but I was kind of all over the place ... doing everything from brochures to grants to web sites to resumes.

Today, I work almost exclusively in web content development, search engine optimization, and Internet marketing.


I have clients all over the country and even one in Australia. I have articles published in numerous national trade publications -- both print and online. I have a weekly e-newsletter. Someone even quoted me as an "expert."


Rather than worrying about where my next job is going to come from, I now worry about getting my clients' projects done!


As you know we worked together for over seven months. It was a difficult investment financially on my part, especially as it was at the time the recession hit big time. It took a lot of hard work on my part learning and laying a solid foundation. It was like a crash university course. But the financial investment and effort has more than paid for itself.


You know, if I hadn't hired you, I would be out of the copywriting business by now.


I'm so glad that when I received your email saying you had a "coaching spot" available, I followed that inner voice that said, "Write him back."


Katherine Andes


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"Thanks so much for your time earlier today. The coaching session was just what I needed to clear my thoughts and organize my future steps with this project. You were very generous with your time and completely open with the information you provided. The suggestions you made were helpful and spurred ideas and additional questions I hadn't thought of before (but should have!). You've made the process I'm facing less cluttered and helped give me what I needed to take the next steps. It's priceless to have a trustworthy confidant to bounce ideas off of and glean experiences from."

Karon Thackston
SEO Copywriter


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"It’s a lot of work being a working mom, so it’s important that I make the best use of my time. I had been floundering around without a clear mission, taking any job that crossed my desk regardless of how it fit with my strategic goals, which left me feeling tired, anxious, and even resentful. Nick’s helped me change that. I now know, with startling clarity, where I’m taking my business and why. This brings me immense confidence and a sense of peace that I was missing before. My family and I thank you, Nick."

Elizabeth Carter



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"It was time for serious structure. For me it meant finding a mentor or a coach, someone to hold me accountable for my plan. Looking back now, I know I made the right choice in Nick Usborne. He is just the kind of business coach who knows how to help you turn on the switches, process your fears, and move on with realizing your business goals."

Rachel Agheyisi



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"Nick Usborne is a catalyst. With his guidance, I am now focusing on the specific areas of Internet writing that play to my greatest strengths. His coaching has saved me a great deal of time and money that I would have spent running down blind alleys. Easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made."

Bob Ellal



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"Nick Usborne is a superstar. As the best coach I have ever met, he blends all the right ingredients in just the correct doses to give you fast results. As a businessman he is super smart, highly organized and ultra-strategic. He renders the complicated simple, that magical quality that separates the good from the great. As a person, he is kind and courteous with an insatiable curiosity and sense of humour which makes every session with him a great pleasure. Nick knows when to listen, when to cheerlead, when to direct and when-ever so lightly-to cajole.


Work with Nick. He will help you to transform your doubts into dreams and your most difficult challenges into lasting life-altering change. He will help you identify the potential in the marketplace and-more importantly-the potential in you. Anyone involved in the internet today in any capacity should be beating a path to his door to take advantage of his wisdom."


Susan Rice


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"Nick – you are the man! Your persistent and patient probing uncovered a unique market niche in line with my passion and expertise and in dire need of good copywriters. Thanks for wielding the ‘big stick’ when my procrastination took over. And a million thanks for giving me the confidence to market myself successfully. You’re the greatest."

Penny Thomas
New Jersey, USA



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"We all know that the biggest key to success in life is confidence. While Nick Usborne's coaching has helped me in many facets of my business and career, his most valuable contribution has been to give me an unbiased viewpoint. It's been said that we often give up just before realizing our greatest success. Nick's, "Let's step back and take a look at this..." has enabled me to frame circumstances realistically. He's helped me to assess all my endeavors, drop the losers, and focus on the winners (and potential winners). The result is I'm fully booked making much more money and doing work that's strategic rather than tactical."


Bob Leonard



"When I was feeling barraged by ideas on what makes good online copywriting, Nick helped me identify the core skills to work on in order to perfect this craft and provided valuable feedback on my copy. And while I was looking mostly for technical coaching, Nick brought a larger perspective to my business that I know will prove useful for years to come."

Sarah Clachar
Natural Health Copywriter



“Nick has an uncanny ability to listen to all the angles while still cutting through to the heart of the matter. I hired him as a writing coach, but his extensive knowledge of e-commerce, content site development, and affiliate marketing have been an unexpected but marvelous bonus. In terms of return on investment, Nick “paid for himself” in the very first month. My online sales are booming, I just landed a lucrative writing contract, and have a renewed focus and energy that will continue to guide me for years to come. My only regret in hiring Nick is not finding him sooner!”

Cari Haus



"During our first call, Nick asked a question that turned my cozy freelance copywriting world on its head. Because of it, I'm now carving out a one-of-a-kind niche that makes the most of both my skills and background...with total integrity. Not only that, Nick has me building a solid business model that reaches 3, 5, even 10 years into the future. I never dreamed this is where I'd be, just five weeks into the coaching program. If you're ready to work - and work hard - I'd be willing to bet that Nick can do the very same for you."


Lisa Sargent



"I want to say that after yesterday's call, I was just really, really happy with this coaching process I'm going thru with you. I hope you get as much satisfaction out of it as I'm getting. You are really, really good at this. I know we exchanged money for services but I honestly feel I've gotten far more than I ever expected. Far more. So thanks for being so good at this stuff..."


Richard Pelletier



"Nick's coaching has been incredibly valuable to me for several reasons. He has challenged me into clarifying my niche and how I articulate it – this is HUGE! He also has boosted my confidence and given me a very positive foundation – now I know I don’t have such an uphill battle for repositioning myself and earning more for what I do! I enjoy his sense of humor and down-to-earth demeanor. It’s been a perfect coaching match for me."


Pam Foster
Online Copywriter, Web Content Optimization



"I first encountered Nick Usborne at Web Design World where he was presenting with some other web standouts like Jeffery Zeldman and Eric Meyer. Nick came across as someone I wanted to emulate, someone I wanted to pay attention to.


Since then, for years, I’ve been reading his newsletter and incorporating his thoughts in my work with great success.


Then I got an email notice from Nick introducing his coaching program. I’d been thinking about coaching for years but never found one that fit my needs. Each one seemed too heavy on motivation and not enough on my specific business challenges.


Nick’s service was different. Here was industry leader I greatly admired now available for coaching. It was an opportunity to have a coach that would be just as much a strategic consultant.


Now that we are well into my coaching program my expectations have been far exceeded. Nick provides much needed structure and motivation. He keeps me focused. We explore new opportunities while keeping within clear objectives and goals established at the beginning of our relationship.


The balance is perfect. It keeps me grounded and maintains momentum. It’s like someone helping me run a marathon watchful not to let me sprint in the flats or get tired on the steeps.


I can’t speak highly enough about the value of Nick’s coaching. In our short time together he has become a partner as much as a coach."


Andrew Williams,



"Nick Usborne has helped me really see my strengths and weaknesses in marketing my services. In a very short time, he has taken me to a new level. Nick pointed out some assets that I hadn't been fully exploiting. That gave me a lot more confidence. What a relief it is having someone to consult with who is focused on my success. It is such a blessing."


Katherine Andes,


"Just wanted you to know how happy I am with your mentoring method. You quickly helped me clarify my copywriting and career goals and suggested several very "doable" ways to immediately begin reaching them. Actually, I thought we were going to only talk about copywriting, but we covered so much in our first meeting. Thanks for sharing your experience and advice so generously. I'm very glad I made the investment in your training."


Dale Hansman,

Monterey, California



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If you can get a spot on Nick’s Coaching Program, you should jump at the chance. Nick has not only achieved international recognition and respect as a copywriter, but also has the rare gift of being able to share the secrets of his freelance success with others. Also, on a personal note, he’s one of the most decent, no-BS guys you’ll ever deal with.”


Bob Bly
Author of Become an Instant Guru



"I can't think of a single copywriter -- and I know hundreds -- who wouldn't benefit tremendously from Nick's business advice. And that includes me."


Steve Slaunwhite
Author of The Everything Guide To Writing Copy



"Nick Usborne might be the freelance copywriting career coach for you if you're looking for someone with a wealth of experience (both online and pre-Internet) who will give you ideas on how to turn your goals and preferred methods of working into long-term success. Unlike some others in this line of work, he's open-minded and client-focused. You can count on him to listen and offer wise suggestions, rather than give you a set of “one size fits all” marching orders."


Marcia Yudkin
Author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity, Persuading on Paper and more