You want to make a lot more money with your freelance business, but can't figure out how.



If you are an ambitious freelancer, and determined to do better and earn more, I can help you make some very significant strides in moving your business forward.


My name is Nick Usborne, and I have been a successful freelancer for over 30 years. I now work with other freelancers who are determined to earn more, but need some outside help to make it happen.


Why would a freelance writer or copywriter even need a coach?


The very quick and simple answer to that question is this: Freelancers work alone, and rarely perform at their best without some coaching.


The same goes for top athletes.


And movie stars.


And the CEOs of large companies.


artists, CEOs, athletes and ambitious individuals all use coaches


Athletes, actors and company leaders all have coaches. They may work in teams, but all these people ultimately succeed or fail according to the level of their own performance.


It’s the same with freelancing.


Good coaching can reveal strengths, abilities and opportunities you’re not even aware of right now.


Here are just some of the ways in which I can help you...

- Define more profitable goals.


- Improve your marketing.


- Get more and better clients.


- Maximize your productivity.


- Overcome your self-limiting beliefs.


- And make a lot more money

Better than all that, I can help you close the gap between your potential and what you actually achieve.


What does that mean? It means that many people struggle to transform their talent into success and wealth. Too many constraining elements get in the way.


I can also nudge or push you into thinking bigger. I can push you into working smarter. I can push you into achieving some very ambitious goals.

That’s what good coaching is all about.


It’s about me opening new doors for you. Doors you hadn’t even noticed before. Doors to places way beyond where you are right now.


The outcome? More money, more smiles and a better life.



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"Thanks so much for your time earlier today. The coaching session was just what I needed to clear my thoughts and organize my future steps with this project. You were very generous with your time and completely open with the information you provided. The suggestions you made were helpful and spurred ideas and additional questions I hadn't thought of before (but should have!). You've made the process I'm facing less cluttered and helped give me what I needed to take the next steps. It's priceless to have a trustworthy confidant to bounce ideas off of and glean experiences from."

Karon Thackston
SEO Copywriter



"It’s a lot of work being a working mom, so it’s important that I make the best use of my time. I had been floundering around without a clear mission, taking any job that crossed my desk regardless of how it fit with my strategic goals, which left me feeling tired, anxious, and even resentful. Nick’s helped me change that. I now know, with startling clarity, where I’m taking my business and why. This brings me immense confidence and a sense of peace that I was missing before. My family and I thank you, Nick."

Elizabeth Carter



"Nick Usborne is a catalyst. With his guidance, I am now focusing on the specific areas of Internet writing that play to my greatest strengths. His coaching has saved me a great deal of time and money that I would have spent running down blind alleys. Easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made."

Bob Ellal


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Praise for my one-on-one coaching.


If you can get a spot on Nick’s Coaching Program, you should jump at the chance. Nick has not only achieved international recognition and respect as a copywriter, but also has the rare gift of being able to share the secrets of his freelance success with others. Also, on a personal note, he’s one of the most decent, no-BS guys you’ll ever deal with.”


Bob Bly
Author of Become an Instant Guru




"I can't think of a single copywriter -- and I know hundreds -- who wouldn't benefit tremendously from Nick's business advice. And that includes me."


Steve Slaunwhite
Author of The Everything Guide To Writing Copy




"Nick Usborne might be the freelance copywriting career coach for you if you're looking for someone with a wealth of experience (both online and pre-Internet) who will give you ideas on how to turn your goals and preferred methods of working into long-term success. Unlike some others in this line of work, he's open-minded and client-focused. You can count on him to listen and offer wise suggestions, rather than give you a set of “one size fits all” marching orders."


Marcia Yudkin
Author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity, Persuading on Paper and more