Whatever you want to achieve in business, you’ll get there faster by writing good copy.

Writing on a pad of paper with coffee

The ability to write strong fbs-trade.co.za sales copy… and compelling web content… will always give you an outsized advantage.

And if you want to learn those skills, you’re in the right place.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or company employee.

Each of my courses offers professional-grade training in writing and copywriting online.

All are rooted in my 40-plus years of experience as a copywriter, trainer and coach.

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My most recent courses for https://fbs-trade.co.za/ online copywriters & content writers

Conversational Copywriting

Conversational Copywriting is the future of selling online.

More about the course…

Selling With Stories

The best way to engage with your
readers is to sell with stories.

More about the course…

How to Write Better Headlines

Master the headline and you master the entire page or screen.

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Web Content Optimization

Every page, email, and newsletter
you write can be improved.

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Longer-form courses for online writers and freelancers

Web Copywriting 2.0

In-depth copywriting training across multiple digital media.

More about the course…

Money-Making Websites

Earn passive income with a site
you write on a topic you love.

More about the course…

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to make good money as a social media writer and copywriter.

More about the course…

Marketing Confidence

What every new freelancer needs to
build confidence and get more clients.

More about the course…

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writing for the webThe 7 key topics covered in this short eBook represent the best practices that have served me so well in my own career writing for the web, working for clients large and small.

Here are the 7 areas I cover:

1. Help every visitor avoid getting lost
2. Write for the company, your readers AND the search engines
3. Earn your visitors’ trust
4. Write every page as a landing page…or not
5. Make your content pre-sell
6. Make the sale before it’s too late
7. Know that web designers are not always on your side

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